german course

Learn German in Hamburg, Germany

The school and the lessons

The school

Our school is in the heart of central Hamburg and is easy to reach from any part of the city. The lessons are given in modern classrooms by qualified German teachers with extensive experience in teaching German as a foreign language.
Each group consists of a maximum of 12 students. The program includes 4 lessons per day of 45 minutes each, which are given entirely in German. The emphasis is placed on conversation.

Grammar is taught in context. Written explanations of grammar points are available in English and Spanish to aid your understanding.


All course participates will receive a certificate at the end of the course. The schools own certificate states the participates personal details, which language course was attended and the course dates.

Fredrik tells his story

Course levels and assessment

The following descriptions of the various course levels will assist you in judging your own level of ability. You are asked to indicate your level on the enrolment form.
On the first day of the course you will be given a placement test, the results of which will be discussed with you in detail. It is still possible to change courses at a later stage, if necessary. Intermediate levels such as A1.1, A1.2, B1.1, ... are also possible.

This course is designed for absolute beginners. Basic vocabulary and grammar structures are taught which should enable you after a short time to cope with everyday German life and to react in important situations.
This course is for students with some previous knowledge of the German language. The student's vocabulary is extended so that he or she can master everyday situations. The important indicative tenses are also dealt with.
Students should have a good knowledge of the German language. In grammar the indicative tenses are revised and the most important forms of the subjunctive are dealt with. The emphasis is on being able to express oneself fluently.
This course is intended for those who would like to revise the finer points of grammar. They learn to express themselves at a elevated level and at the same time to understand and use a large number of the countless idioms, including local ones.
Der sichere Umgang mit der deutschen Sprache in jeder Situation ist für die C1-Stufe erforderlich. Der Schwerpunkt liegt darauf den Teilnehmern eine akzentfreie Ausprache zu vermitteln
Teilnehmer dieses Kurses sind fast auf dem Niveau eines Muttersprachlers. Es wird Wert auf Deutsch im Berufsalltag gelegt.