cultural program

Leisure and cultural program for the summer courses

Leisure and cultural program


On the first day of the course, in the afternoon, the school organizes a tour of the city on which you will see the beautiful port, the Alster, the famous Hamburg landmark, St. Michael's Church, better known as the 'Michel', and many other attractions.


One Excursion per week are organized to other cities in the area; in particular we recommend Lüneburg, Lübeck, Bremen, Berlin and Copenhagen. The excursions take place in the afternoon after classes.

German films

Visits to cinema gives a better understanding of the German culture and German history. The films are prepared in class through exercises, discussions and texts from the textbooks, and followed up according to the theme and interest after watching a movie. Everyone pays the entry itself.


The school organizes regular lectures in German. Topics include 'The Third Reich' and 'The Role of Germany in Europe'. These help you to gain a deeper understanding of the problems and conflicts within Germany today. Students have the opportunity to discuss the topics after the lectures.

Other facilities

During the course other events are organized for the evenings. The school will be pleased to pass on information about sporting activities such as swimming, keep-fit classes and other leisure activities.


Exkursion Ausstellung Hamburg Exkursion nach Lüneburg Deutscher Film mit deutschem Untertitel Kanufahrt im Stadtpark Hamburg Speicherstadt Museum Besuch einer privaten Brauerei